A series of experiments and research projects which intersect large morphometric databases and functional morphology data with various methods of digital art and manipulation to derive tools and techniques for scientific study. I am an artist with training in biological anthropology and this work is dependant on collaboration with researchers at the American Museum of Natural History and other institutions. Projects range from analysis plug-ins for off-the-shelf and custom animation software to cinematic visualizations, all in an attempt to shed light on the processes of species (including human) evolution, scientific analysis, and natural history. Ruminations on the data often result in art pieces which serve the purpose of personal expression and public education.

The links below outline the research topics investigated and the output produced.

"dataFace" Investigations into Historical Craniometric Datasets

Evolutionary Morphing

"dataProjections" Print Series
"The Theory of Transformations" 3D Prints and Animation
The Morphology Project is supported by
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