openPipeline: Framework For Animation Production
openPipeline is an open source framework for managing animation production data and workflow. Its first implementation is a MEL-based plug-in for Autodesk Maya that handles specific aspects of production: automatic directory structures, file naming conventions, revision control, and modularity that makes multi-artist workflows possible.
Maya MEL Scripts
  • dataPortConnectionManager
    dataPortConnectionManager manages the creation and status of Maya commandPorts. A commandPort is a TCP/IP port that listens for data to be sent to it over a network. This tool has been used to open ports in Maya to send it data from Processing, Max//MSP/Jitter, and custom hardware. It's the first step for opening Maya up for interactive application in association with "sensing" devices, like cameras, etc.
    Download: Highend3D

    Herds is an animation tool for simulating flocking of birds or fish-like objects. Includes controls for flock size, density, frame offset incorporating generic or user defined objects.
    Download: Highend3D * Local

  • findAndReplace
    Handles the searching and replacing of objects in a Maya scene via naming. For example, replace all the stand-in cylinders with full-res trees. Supports duplication and instancing and matches translation, rotation and scale transforms.
    Download: Highend3D * Local

  • pipeScriptOutput
    Acts like the UNIX pipe (">") function for Maya that allows you to pipe the output of the script editor to a text file on disk. Good for debugging and on-the-fly script generation. Supply command and file path as input.
    Download: Local

  • mayaExportSTL
    Exports polygonal object to the STL file format. Select the desired objects, run the command "mayaExportSTL", selected sufaces will be triangulated and written to the ascii stl file. STL is a common file format used for 3D printing (rapid prototyping).
    Download: Highend3D * Local
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